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Hello and welcome to my website, alittle about me...

I am a creative lifestyle photographer and published poet having a number of poems

published by various author houses in the U.K since 1997 those

Included  'The International Library of Poetry, United Press Ltd, Anchor Books,

Triumph House, and more....

I was born in Scunthorpe in 1978

In 1995 I left North Lindsey College where I was studying Leisure & Recreation to

join the Army, Royal Logistic Corps, and posted to Pirbright Barracks, Surrey and later Deepcut Barracks, Surrey in 1995 this

is where I applied for discharge due to a postponement in my trade training schedule and chance to transfer.

Leaving the forces I followed my pursuit of logistics and spent 16 years as a multi drop courier for FedEx, Business Express, Yodel, UKMail and more, however often wrote poems, using what I would visually perceive and feel to create emotion through moments of inspiration.

I have around 200 poems I would like to self publish my own book called 'Something of Earth'

a collection of my poetry and visual poetry and including the process of which I have and continue documenting over time.

I now reside  in Lincoln, and have for many years managed my own photography business whilst currently working 3 days a week as fully trained Care and Support worker for the vulnerable, elderly and disabled people in my community. 

Between 2016 - 2018 I spent time working with people sensory impaired, communication difficulties, and learning disabilities. I found great reward and inspiration with some characters whom I grew close too.  

I am Author of  'The Robin Poem, I Remember You,

Scenic Prayer, Certainty, A Crows Visit, Lying here beside me,' and more

which feature on my You Tube channel where I create visual poetry for my channel : 

'Keli Usher-Holmes'

I officially began my studies into photography  2015 after being encouraged by my partner, now wife of 13 years to pursue my love of creating, whilst also being encouraged by my own chosen wedding photographer at the time.

This led me to join photography walks and talks with Adam Winfield of Through the Lens Photography, Lincoln it was here that

I discovered that my style of photography is reflective of my style of poetry.

As being self taught in this passion grew, I later joined a CPD organisation for studies called 'The Shaw Academy, much of my tutors are based in Ireland and I found this way of learning convenient for me around my busy work and home life. 

I still continue to be self taught. I also continue as a member of the Shaw Academy with excess to many courses.

Between 2015 and 2019 spent 3 years orchestrating Weddings as a Wedding Photographer, and did much to accrue a varied portfolio of different genres, but in 2019 I put wedding photography on hold whilst I extend my studies and interest in other areas of photography and commenced studies into creating videography and social media for my passion for creating visual poetry during which my Fine Art Photography Print sales have become very popular and an increase in interest and sales.

In July 2021 Lincoln Cathedral Gift Shop began featuring my work and in their online store, and stores such as Pennell's Garden Centre, Scothern Garden Centre, House of Cards, Bailgate Lincoln, Tilly's Tea Room and Gift Shop have displayed my work on sale in their stores.

I manage my own SEO, accounts and invoicing, and manage my own social media, I create all of my work and products myself.

 This is important to me as well as creating a work life balance.

If you have any enquiries please message me in the contact box section, alternatively email



Thank you
Keli Usher-Holmes
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Untitled-2.jpg_Diploma in Wedding photog
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"As a poet Keli can muse at an actual countyside scene and almost metaphysically encourage the mind to leap beyond the boundaries of what is sensually perceived, and yet with wistful and reverential plea to whatever powers may lie beyond our direct perception."

by  Jane Byrne 

English Tutor North Lindsey College, Scunthorpe

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